Welcome to Peace & Yoga in the Northland, Kansas City, MO 

Relax and recharge with yoga in Kansas City at the Northland’s hottest new Yoga studio! Yoga increases cognitive functioning, decreases stress, and, most of all, it’s fun! 

Peace & Yoga is a place of peace for ALL! Yogi’s young and old, those brand new to yoga or with a long love for yoga. All are welcome to come practice and soak up our positive vibes at Peace & Yoga.

Peace & Yoga offers fitness and support programs for every stage of life. Our programs help build mind, spirit and body.

Kids benefit from Yoga! Experts are discovering the benefits of yoga for the younger generation. Yoga is fun, it decreases stress and we offer a safe place for your child’s first experience with Yoga.

This is a place to strengthen your body & nourish your spirit. This is a your second home – which together we will build collectively everyday. We can’t wait to commune with you.